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About Thierry

My name is Thierry Riva and I was born on May 14, 1959.

I started working in 1974 at Escher-Wyss in Zurich, a big company manufacturing large turbines of all types for the production of electrical power and their components. In this context I could observe and learn almost everything one needs to know about classical mechanics; also during this period I had the opportunity to learn German.

I later completed my education in the field of company organization and marketing and then worked for many different companies with managerial duties in production planning, task preparation and organization, technical purchasing, production management and service sales. During this period I could learn and implement the philosophies Just-in-Time and Kahn-Bahn from Toyota at a High-Tech machine tool company.

In 1989 I finally realized that it was time for me to think about my professional future starting my own business. I bought my first computer and started to develop what I thought would become my billing and invoice software using FileMaker Pro 2.0. At that moment I understood which was the right path to follow in order to thrive all my previous experiences and I have not stopped ever since.

Now I daily work on the development of PowerOffice introducing new ideas and features while integrating the new FileMaker functions that are released in its new versions on a regular basis.

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