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Classical documents

PowerOffice “classical documents” include the following tables:

  • Items
  • Offers
  • Order confirmations
  • Waybills
  • Invoices
  • Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Cash

General details
It does not matter if you are creating an offer or an invoice; whether you are searching for an address or an item to be entered in the system, the procedure to create your document is always the same.

Even when working with large amounts of data (100,000 addresses – 500’000 items) PowerOffice always guarantees fast data entry without slowdowns or errors.

An address can be easily searched by entering only part of the combination of the letters making up the name of the individual or company; in the same way it is possible to search for or edit an item without the need to look for its code in paper catalogues or on the Internet.

Each document can contain an unlimited number of items; before any item is selected, the system can show the product quantity in stock. This results very helpful in case of errors, since it is possible to immediately amend the wrong quantity, spending less time and effort in taking inventory.

All documents show their status – in preparation, open, closed – and their outcome – accepted, confirmed, delivered -.

Even when managing large amounts of documents it is very difficult, if not almost impossible,to forget to send the customer a document in preparation. It is possible to add the conditions of sale or purchase recalling the information from customized value lists or automatically from preset conditions for either customers or suppliers.

Once a document is finished, it can be printed or sent by email in the customer’s language accompanied by a standard message, without any effort or the need to write a personal message.

It is possible to print out the document using the many different (default or custom) formats which are usually needed by those in business with companies and individuals locally or abroad.

Each document can then be copied or transformed into any other type of document, for example:
if a potential customer asks you an offer and accepts it at a later time, that offer can be transformed into an invoice, or any other type of document, in only two clicks and without errors.

Any type of dat can be easily found and displayed at any time in different types of overviews.

Complete management of articles and services including purchase and sale prices.

The description and the comments regarding an item can be edited already translated into different languages ​​and later automatically resumed in the client’s language during the drafting of the documents.

It allows many types of calculations with different VAT rates, foreign currencies, purchase discounts, calculation of selling prices based on the desired margin rate.

It is also possible to add additional costs, such as customs charges which can be recalled using their custom code, transportation costs and insurance.

An article can be related to different prices depending on various options, such as size, colour, packaging, ordered quantity and any other customized need.

Simple display of product quantities: in stock, confirmed, purchased or in inventory.

Supplier price lists can be imported and your own customer price lists exported in Excel format.

The Offer document is the easiest; it does not present specific features apart from those included in standard documents.

Order confirmations
Order confirmations can be part of a “group order” to be later grouped into auto-generated “Purchase Orders” to multiple suppliers.

If you wish, it is possible to display the Origins of the products in the order. This is an essential feature for products passing through customs clearance.

Delivery notes

For partial deliveries, it is possible to indicate the quantity ordered and delivered for each product.

Starting from the Order Confirmation the system will display the difference between the confirmed and delivered products, automatically displaying the remaining items to be later dispatched.

For each item it is possible to indicate weight, volume and which package or container contains it; this latter information results very helpful when more parcels are shipped with the same container.

It is possible to automatically create the invoices for a group of delivery notes for the same customer or for all the open delivery notes that are still to be billed.

The system accepts both the pick-up and delivery locations.

For each invoice it is possible to create monthly payments or to record an invoice paid through scheduled payments.
The recall of overdue invoices is completely automatic and can also be sent by e-mail.
Likewise it is possible to search and print open invoices for a specific customer.

For Switzerland, there is a specific function to print out the BESR (Orange Payment Slip with Reference Number), which is a very handy feature.
After the download of the list of paid invoices from the website of the company Bank or Post Office, the system allows the automatic closure of all paid invoices quickly and without errors.
It is possible to recall the invoices at any time following one or multiple search criteria in order to obtain a quick overview showing the turnover for:

  • a specific period.
  • a specific customer.
  • a specific customer for a specific period.
  • open or paid invoices.
  • invoices billed in a foreign currency converted into the local currency.

At any time, an invoice can be reprinted and forwarded to the customer with the total balance due after the amounts previously paid.
The procedure to create credit notes or cancel an invoice is very simple.
To avoid double invoicing, it is possible to export invoices for import into the accounting programme.
By the end of 2014, probably in July, the system will implement a new accounting module allowing the management of the accounting entry directly in PowerOffice.

An invoice can be transformed into a cash document to print out a cash receipt.

For each item purchased it is possible to indicate a different delivery date.
When the purchase order is printed out, a record is created in the table named Creditors, which is useful to plan and calculate the amount of payments. This can also be exported for accounting purposes.

Upon arrival of the goods it is possible to automatically record movements into stock and, if necessary, update the stock.
At any time, an item may be found by date of entry, waybill or batch number.
The cancellation of the entire order or one or more items is a simple procedure, resulting very clear for the supplier who receives it.
The system accepts both shipping and billing addresses.
It is easy to print out overviews to be forwarded to a supplier if a delivery is shortly due or for late delivery reminders.

This module is very well structured, complete and reliable; also, it allows the management of subscriptions in a wide variety of fields, with excellent results in the following sectors:

  • combustion technicians in the heating sector
  • opticians
  • software houses
  • hosting services
  • maintenance services for technical equipment
  • deposit spaces for rent
  • rentals
  • chemical analysis laboratories

It is possible to edit all the details about equipment used, specifications and interventions performed.

What is a peculiar feature of this module is that a subscription may be automatically billed following a billing schedule, saving a considerable amount of time.

Some of our customers informed us that their processing resources for such tasks used to be 2 people for 2 weeks 2 times a year; they now need less than 10 minutes. A result which goes far beyond their more optimistic expectations.

Given that the underlying implementation principle is always the same, other sectors may be integrated into the system without any problems, with virtually no limits to its scope.

The module is intended for all shops who need to print out a cash ticket.

For each cash recording it is possible to record the type of payment, at the end of the day the system will print an overview of the daily takings by method of payment and, if desired, even by product code or good code.

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